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Frog Level Intellect


After a crazy NFL Sunday, the guys couldn’t help but share their quick reactions to Amari Cooper and The Miami Miracle (1:05), but they quickly move on to Kevin now not having to defend a Dallas athlete (6:55). Then the guys get talk about ESPN’s app gaffe during the heisman before discussing Kyler Murray’s (and many others’) controversial tweets (10:04). Two poker players bet on true isolation. The guys discuss which one is the crazy one (29:57). Who decided what dinosaurs sound like? Well, Gary Rydstrom did, since he sound designed Jurassic Park. The guys talk about some of the cool aspects of sound design (37:03). Then Pops is in a quandary. Why does Arkansas have such goofy names (46:50). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

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