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The King of the Pivot Foot


This week, the guys talk about their best and worst (1:00), the busiest man in sports (11:24), The Masters (12:59), the statistical dominance of Tiger Woods (15:23), the surprising Blackhawk goalie (19:21), and the new track from High School to the NBA and their athletic eligibility (23:41). They get onto the Final Four (32:33), starting with Loyola vs Michigan (33:53), and wrapping up with Kansas vs Villanova (42:46). They then try to recap the Championship game that they haven’t seen yet (47:45). OBJ is on the trade block (53:18), the Kickoff may be on the cutting board (59:30), and the guys shoot from the hip about silica gel, warm chairs, making beds, and registry best practices (1:06:30).

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Show Notes


Beamon with the longest long jump by any human by almost TWO FEET.

The record has never been broken in Olympic competition, but in 1991 Mike Powell out jumped Beaman's record in a competition in Japan.