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Grab a cold one or a cup of coffee and hang out with the guys.

The Interior Window


This week, the guys talk about their best and worst (1:00), and then we hop right back into the old days with a Klosterman hypothetical (13:27). There hasn’t been much NBA this week, but we keep you up with what has happened (18:50). Kevin busts out True or Fake News and tries to stump the guys (35:46), then has one of his two etiquette lessons for us, first at the movies (45:50). Then L.J. wants to change the world and get rid of tips (55:36). We get to the bottom of the hue of a tennis ball and towel usage (1:10:15), and then Kevin takes us back to the grocery store (1:15:00). We finish up with What We’re Listening To and Kevin drops a huge hypothetical on us (1:21:06).

Show Notes:

Dad caught Horford double dribbling at 2:40.

Spoiler Free

True or Fake News