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Mr. F

This week the guys have a special double episode! Pops is back from his sabbatical to talk some hoops with Kev. But first we rewind back to last week’s Klostion (1:45) to get an answer from Pops before diving into LeBron making his eighth straight trip to the Finals (9:20), recap the Warriors-Rockets series (30:00), the guys take Draymond Green’s side (44:00), how good is Klay Thompson (46:00) and of course Who ya Got in the NBA Finals. (1:10:00)


Jayson Tatum dunks on LeBron James, then was asked about it after the game:

Terry Rozier steps up to the King... And he gets a response (Is this a foul or no???)


The flop in Game 7 from Marcus Smart should not surprise anyone:

For once Draymond Green was the in the right:


The Caowboys are showing film of this Jordan Bell screen to thier right tackle: