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Cheatin' for a Poke

This week, the guys break down the best and the worst, including the insanity of twitter, running away with the tie, and a nu start (1:00), then get into the pinnacle matchups in sports right now. In the NBA, who shot J.R., when should you change a call, and who's really the GOAT, or maybe just a goat (12:24). In the chase for the world's nicest ashtray, we break down why we think we might be sleeping on hockey (35:15). When is it okay to make a dirty play (41:29), when is it okay to use a sock puppet online (48:40), and when is it a good time to fill up (55:44)? Also how long should you delay gratification (1:12:05)? The guys have all the answers, plus some new jams (1:19:34), this week on Just Press Play.

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Show Notes:

Johnny Football CFL debut:


The Las Vegas Golden Knights pregame show compared to the Washington Capitals pregame show:

JR Smith incredulous mistake, and King James reaction.

Goats and G.O.A.T.S.

A tribute to the great Planes. Trains & Automobiles since the guys wouldn't quit quoting it...


Alex Ovechkin is pretty good at this hockey thing:


"A man who won't cheat for a poke..." - Augustus McCrae


Is this dirty, or good baseball?


Using the rules to your advantage


Shaq and Kenny breakdown when to fill up your tank and we wonder how far Shaq got in math class...


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