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Animal Facts

Show Notes:

Tell me a pet Elephant wouldn't be awesome:


If You Forgot How Good Josh Gordon was (is)


Cool Video On JG12's Fight to Comeback (also I think he has workout a few times)


Hard Knocks requirements as decided by the NFL Owners: 

"No first year coaches, no playoffs in last two years, and have not been on Hard Knocks in 10 years. One team MUST accept, so if only one eligible team, that team must participate. If there are six eligible, then teams kinda play rock paper scissors for it. This year there were six: 9ers, my boys, Chargers, Ravens, Redskins, and the Browns. Also, any team COULD volunteer, even if they are not eligible, e.g. the Pats COULD volunteer, but for obvious reasons nobody ever does." - Via: