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Motion of the Ocean

On this wall to wall football episode, the guys get a bit out of hand. Trevor Lawrence and the Tigers roll Alabama. Andrew Luck doesn’t get touched by two start pass rushers, and Mahomes is gonna need some help from his pass rushers. Russell Wilson wasn’t given a chance and now the Cowboys get to take their shot against the wunderkinds in Los Angeles. Can the Chargers keep a team down in the 4th quarter? They’ll have to against the best team at getting back on top. And a triple doinker gets the Eagles a shot in the Superdome. Do they stand a chance against the Problem Solver and his band of beasts? The guys pick their winners for the rest of the players and Kevin tries hard to keep us on track. All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

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Frog Level Intellect

After a crazy NFL Sunday, the guys couldn’t help but share their quick reactions to Amari Cooper and The Miami Miracle (1:05), but they quickly move on to Kevin now not having to defend a Dallas athlete (6:55). Then the guys get talk about ESPN’s app gaffe during the heisman before discussing Kyler Murray’s (and many others’) controversial tweets (10:04). Two poker players bet on true isolation. The guys discuss which one is the crazy one (29:57). Who decided what dinosaurs sound like? Well, Gary Rydstrom did, since he sound designed Jurassic Park. The guys talk about some of the cool aspects of sound design (37:03). Then Pops is in a quandary. Why does Arkansas have such goofy names (46:50). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

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