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Bonus Episodes

Extra interviews and leftovers

One More Bacardi, Please!

This week, the guys got long winded and you win. Our extra content includes a few debates. Do you want to know the story or wonder if there even is one? Is the King of Pop easy to crown? Are the Cowboys out to pasture because the held on to a top 10 tight end of all time? And if you were building a team, where do you spend your second pile of cash?

Music this episode provided by Scantron 2020.

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What's the Best Zoo Animal?

The guys had technical difficulties this weekend (shocker), so they won't have the full episode for this week until tomorrow. So instead, you get a little bonus this week! In this Snippet the guys talk about how they would do a movie about their life, the best zoo animals and more. Enjoy! 

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Can of Corn

The guys (and Hannah!) are back with a bonus pod. A week removed from the heartbreak in the College World Series two hogs fans look back on the year. Then, L.J. and Hannah share some thoughts with us from Hawaii and Colorado.  Hope you enjoy!

Music provided by TRUTH.

Thanks for making us part of your day. 

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Sit Down with Aaron Torres

In this week's bonus episode, Pops and Kevin give an update on the JPP Bracket Challenge (1:00). Then, Kevin was able to sit down with Fox Sports Radio Host and writer for TheAthletic.com, Aaron Torres (16:00), to break down all of the Madness from the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament as well as what they expect looking ahead to the Sweet 16. 

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