Bracket Challenge Updates

Sifting Through the Pieces of Week One's Madness


March, you did it again. You made me believe. Oh, baby…

If those words sound familiar to you, that is because you have likely heard them before as I am quoting the great philosopher, Britney Spears.

On March 11th, 2018 the selection committee released the bracket for the NCAA Tournament. And, as an avid college basketball fan, and just a fan basketball in general, I saw the potential matchups and could not contain my excitement. Arizona and the future NBA number one overall pick against Mr. One and Done John Calipari's Kentucky team in the second round just to see who plays the top-seeded Virginia team in the Sweet 16?! Wait, and future Hall of Famers Tom Izzo's from Michigan State and Duke's Mike Kryzewksi (even after googling his name I thought I spelled it wrong, Kindergarten had to be rough on Coach K) in the second round with future pros everywhere? A potential rematch of last year's championship of North Carolina and Gonzaga in the Elite 8? As the kids are saying now, I am here for all of this.

Alas, madness ensued. Nine of the overall top 16 seeds in the tournament are all done after just one weekend. None of those matchups will happen. For the first time in Tournament history, the top four seeds in one region (the South region) failed to reach the Sweet 16. Oh yeah, and what we have been waiting on for 33 (!!!) years, a 16-seed not only won, they beat the number one overall seed! And we haven't even talked about Sister Jean…


March, I love you. Never change.

Now, on to our leaderboards. We had one person pick the upset of UMBC over Virginia! But, then they whited it out and went chalk. Nancy, we love you. I initially wanted to blame Nancy's husband Keith for talking her out of the pick, but he says that is not the case. Instead, he says the decision was all hers, and that it wasn't her only change-of-heart gone wrong. I just want to warn Keith before he talks about someone else's bracket he may ought to chiggidy check himself before he wrecks himself. Keith is beating a total of one person of the 75 entries (Shout out to all of you!) and that is Shawn who admittedly picked every game by simply rolling dice. Keith, you know I love you too, I just had to point that out!

To the top of the list we go (where none of the JPP guys are) Rodney is sitting atop the leaderboard with a score of 55, followed by Roy J, Schweaty Basketballz, Jake the Snake, and D-Ho. Of those five, four still have their champion alive, that knocks you out, Davey.

Rodney should enjoy being at the top while it last, because he has three of his Final Four teams already done. Roy J is the only person to predict Florida State to upset one-seed Xavier, and still has his champion and three Final Four teams playing. Basketballz has all their Final Four teams lacing them up this weekend so they look pretty good, and Jake the Snake has slithered his way into a nice spot. He has his champion still alive and 3 of his Final Four still in contention.

It is also worth noting, all but two of the top 15 have either Villanova or Duke winning it all, or their champ is out. So, if Nova slips up to Press Virginia and Duke falls to Kansas, then Cody L with Michigan winning it all and Lynsey M with Purdue both have a shot.

North Carolina, who was picked by 7% of the entries to win the whole dang tournament, got upended by Texas A&M. Of all our entries only two people correctly made this pick. One of them being Lane (how are you not doing better with all of these upsets?) and the other being Sydney Schoen. In the 20-point drubbing A&M was not only swatting shots left and right, one of the Aggie big men, Robert Williams had his second highlight windmill dunk of the tournament.

Which got me thinking, Tarheel fans....  What is worse: getting dunked on or having the opponent literally have an in-game dunk contest against you while you get beat by 20-plus?  Maybe the latter… However, that wasn't even the highlight of the day for Aggie-nation. Check out Chennedy Carter's game-winning shot in the Women's Tourney to beat DePaul!

This was just three of Chennedy's 32 second-half points. Better than the shot, was how she dribbled up the court with full confidence that she was not only going to take the last shot but that she was about to end DePaul's dreams of advancing right then and there. Shout out to the Women.

Now onto 11th seeded Loyola-Chicago and America's new sweetheart Sister Jean. I thought I was clever for picking them to win their first game against three-seeded Miami. But, there was seven people among us that actually had them in the Sweet 16! Shout out to Bonehammer, Bosco, Davey, Dignan, Hannah, Leslie Jones B, and Lane. However, one of our local Chicagoans, Hannah, actually has the Fighting Sister Jean's reaching the Final Four!


Wow, this weekend was absolutely nuts. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did. And yes, I failed to mention how my beloved Razorbacks fared because that is still an open wound.

As always, check your bracket and check our scores. We are human and we do mess up. Between L.J. and Dad they have probably tripled checked these brackets twice just to be sure. But, it is a lot to sift through and it is possible they made one or two errors. We update the scores as often as possible on the website so keep checking back in for up-to-date leaderboards. That’s all I got, so as Liff would say, “Peace, love and hoops.”

And, as always, Just Press Play.