Led Zeppelin Master Class

 Led Zeppelin Master Class with Just Press Play

The guys noticed a problem in their lives. Namely that most of them haven’t listened to every Led Zeppelin song that has ever existed. So in an attempt to fix this, they are listening to not only every album the historic super group ever produced, but they are listening to the music from before each album to try to better understand the context and effect of these landmark albums. Listen along as we listen to the world before each album next to the albums week by week to discover what they like, what has changed, and just generally the recent history of music from 1969 onward. Join in to find some fantastic music and listen to find a ton of fun along the way. On to the music!

January 12th, 1969

Motown owned the airwaves, with the likes of Marvin Gaye and the Temptations on top of the world, what a modern listener would consider true rock was difficult to find in the Winter of 1969. Of course, as Woodstock would prove in 9 or so months, the genre was strong, although not as publicly popular as our Classic Rock radio stations would leave us to believe. Outside of Steppenwolf and a few others, there was a huge gap in the public’s perception of hard music. Led Zeppelin, a super group formed by a former Yardbird, was ready to take that mantle. Although they were not well recieved by music critics at the time, the “Lead Balloon” that would go on to influence an entire genre released what may be considered the best debut album in music’s long and storied history

October 22nd, 1969

More to come as we discuss! Below are the Top 40 from that date and Led Zeppelin II.