Rules and Scoring


Rules and Scoring

Oh my, my.  Oh, hell yes
Time to put on that party dress

Yes, it is that time of year. Days are getting longer, grass is starting to grow, trees are starting to bud. And, best of all it
is time for the Big Dance.

I would be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to give some much deserved credit to Tom Petty, may he rest in peace. His
death this past year was overshadowed by the Las Vegas mass shooting. And, it should have been – not arguing that at
all. I’m just saying Tom Petty was a man that unapologetically played excellent rock and roll music for a very long time.
He was a man that I think deserved a good send off. I hope he knows his body of work was very much appreciated, at
the least by this humble writer.

Rules & Scoring

Our scoring system gives you more points per correct pick as the rounds progress. This helps keep everyone in the hunt.
Additionally if you correctly pick a lower seeded team to win you receive bonus points.

You get points for each win you correctly predict. Points are as follows:
Round                          Point Value
First Round                        1 point
Second Round                 2 points
Regional Semi’s              4 points
Regional Finals               8 points
Final Four                      16 points
Championship Game   32 points

You will get bonus points for each lower seed win you correctly predict:
Bonus Pick              Bonus Points
9th seed win          1 bonus point
10th seed win      2 bonus points
11th seed win      3 bonus points
12th seed win      4 bonus points
13th seed win      5 bonus points
14th seed win      6 bonus points
15th seed win      7 bonus points
16th seed win      8 bonus points

Note: you will get the bonus points for each game a 9th or lower seed wins. If you feel that 12th seed dark horse will make
the Final Four, pick them to do so and you’ll get the bonus points for each win.

***TIEBREAKER – The closest to the total combined score for the championship game. (Be sure to provide your guess
as to the TOTAL COMBINED SCORE OF BOTH TEAMS for the championship game.)
We don’t do play in games! The tourney starts Thursday around noon (actually 11:30am I think). You MUST have your
picks in before then to play.

Good luck all!